On paper, Bimby + Roy was
born many moons ago.

Two sisters who lived our childhood years in the Fiji Islands had a 'one day' dream of owning our own label. Fast forward several years and now in Australia with families of our own, we found a window of opportunity to bring our business baby alive.

Bimby + Roy emerged surrounded by the love of family. The roots of our name stem from the birthplaces of each of our first children. Our logo is simple but special to us - our father's handwriting. We're all about comfort and versatility so we'll let you decide on where and when to wear our bralettes and bottoms - be it in bed, in the water or daily worn undergarments.

Designed in Australia. Manufactured ethically in our beloved Fiji islands, in the first solar powered facility in the region. Our designs are sublimated on our material, which is one of the most environmentally friendly printing processes (no ink dyes in water ways), and paper used during the process is frequently donated to Fiji recycling plants. In February 2019, with the help of the Australian Government, our manufacturer opened a child care centre, attached to the manufacturing facility. Fees are subsidised by the employer which allows mothers and/or fathers to have their children close by during working hours (unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the facility has closed but are in hopes to reopen in a more stabilised global climate). As mothers ourselves, we're incredibly proud to be associated with this initiative.  

It is our privilege to bring you Bimby + Roy.

Sleep, play, swim.